Equestrian Products 

  • Adnan International Black saddle men


  • Adnan International Black saddle men

    Pferde Decken

  • Sättel mit Decken

    Sättel mit Decken

  • Adnan International Horse Bridals


  • Adnan International Lederwaren Horse Tendon boots black

    Sehnen Schöner Schwarz

  • Adnan Lederwaren International Horse Shoes

    Spring Glocken

  • Halfter


  • Stirn Band

    Stirn Band

  • Zügel


  • Adnan International Lederwaren Hose Cheek Piece


  • Adnan International Lederwaren Horse Rug


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Equestrian products

Horse riding, a passion for many! Adnan Internationale ensures that the equestrian products you need to drive your sport will meet the highest demands.

We produce and export many kinds of leather saddles, English saddles, western saddles, synthetic saddles, halters and cords, horse covers, bandages and many other equestrian products.

We supply the entire range of high quality raw materials such as the well-known leather from the United Kingdom (Sedgwick), Indian leather, kevlar threads, etc. from the trustworthy suppliers of the industry. We perform all processes, from the selection of leather, cutting and sewing. In addition, the hand sewing is done with the highest perfection by experienced craftsmen.

We provide good quality at competitive prices and on time delivery.

The most efficient way to give your specifications and quality to us by sending your own samples to us. This helps us to carefully monitor your product and understand what the specific needs of your brand are. We make a counter sample and if it is necessary, we make improvements and / or changes in accordance with you and it is then sent to you for approval. We will also give the MOQ and delivery time at this time.
We take the protection of your intellectual design very seriously, we will do everything in our power to ensure  that information is kept  confidentially. We have no problem signing a non-disclosure or competition agreement before you disclose confidential information to us. Even if no formal competition clause is signed, we make every effort to keep your information secure and confidential.
Our delivery time depends greatly on the size of the order and the items that are ordered but usually we ship orders within 6-8 weeks after the confirmation and receipt of the deposit on your order. Sometimes orders can be delayed due to the non-availability of the required leather in the desired colors. Extensive changes to the equipment or other components can also lead to delays in production and delivery. In such cases, we will inform you before time and let you know how much additional time is needed.

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